Senin, 27 April 2015

Inspirational Poem From IT Del

To Do List  To Life Story

To learn, is to be confused
becaus as you know something, 
you don't know other thing

                                                      To love, is to sacrifice
                                                      because love can't be proven,
                                                      without one sacrifice for others

To forgive, is to go forward
forgive your self, forgive others, so you can advance
to forgive, is not forget
once you forget, you learn nothing

                                                      To be failed, is to try again,
                                                      fail means another change or opportunity
                                                      to give a better shot

Tobe succeed, is to achieve higher
statisfaction is temporary
but the impact of hard will everlasting

                                                     To cheat, is to be ashamed
                                                     what's the point of fake achievement?
                                                     if we are haunted by whisper of lying.

To run away, is to be a coward
you disgrace your self, 
you failed your opportunity
you lose before trying

                                                    To be scared, is to be caged forever
                                                    every body fear, but some body face the risk,
                                                    while other stay in their cage,
                                                    risk is here, so we can get experience, it's the only way
                                                    you can't buy them

To live, is to make a story
write a good one,
write a lot about fail, so people know that you are strong
but don't write about cheat, fear, and run away
people hate story about weak people.

                                                                    -_- I can't believe i made this. Kevin Siregar

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